Making software with passion. We are a software development boutique, specializing on cutting-edge technologies for leading enterprises, bringing together new development methodologies, passion, talent and most advanced innovation.

Code Oasis brings extensive experience of delivering top-notch software and digital products, enabling businesses to quickly turn ideas into value.

In a world where innovation is crucial in meeting our clients’ goals, we continually develop our technologies.  We enrich the products that we develop and provide them with maximum value. Our work methodology has earned us a reputation of being technological leaders. Our clients say, what we accomplish in one hour; others take much longer.

Fair pricing and high level project managing has led us to quick results and successfully achieved goals for all parties involved.

Our belief that our employees are an asset to the company and to every client we work with virtually guarantees the satisfaction of our clients.

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CodeOasis was founded in 2004 with the intrinsic foundation that it would link together the best innovative technological solutions with the most capable, well take care of employees. This groundwork would virtually guarantee the success of our clients. Today the company has over 60 employees and operates from its offices in Herzliya.

CodeOasis entitles clients to be at the focal point of our business landscape – our objective is achieving our clients’ goals and this focus is what drives us throughout the cycle of each project. Our returning clients are proof of our mutual goal of completing each project efficiently.

CodeOasis serves as the technological extension of some of the largest companies in the market and for leading startups in Israel and around the world. We are involved in technologically diverse projects in different markets and various scopes, including the insurance and security markets, eCommerce, media, retail, Internet, automotive market, applications, the list goes on and on.

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Company Management

Amir Golan image

Amir GolanCo-CEO

With extensive know-how and experience, Amir carries with him a diverse awareness of software projects, sales and business development. Together with his comprehensive association with the IT market, Amir has a broad understanding of the business course and the ability to clearly analyze the correct protocol to manage projects to maintain the structure it needs to be.

Co-CEO, Amir has an extensive experience in sales processes and management of diverse software projects, which he acquired as a director of projects, sales, and business development in leading companies in Israel. His in-depth acquaintance with enterprise clients and the IT market gives him a broad understanding of business processes in various industries and the ability to clearly analyze the right protocol for the job.

Along with his concurrent responsibilities for the company's future business development, Amir heads the company’s Project Management Department. With his leadership all projects are promised to be done and followed through with the highest of standards and, most certainly to the client’s satisfaction.

It’s important that beyond our professional reputation, we also maintain a high level of service and maximal satisfaction. I’m very proud that most of our clients come back to us for additional and even larger and more complex projects. It’s important to me that our clients know that they are always in good hands with us
Ronen Fisher image

Ronen FisherCo-CEO

Ronen Fisher, co-partner and founder of CodeOasis is a renowned web system development pioneer in Israel. With nearly twenty years in planning and developing projects, Ronen has extensive experience developing software systems, and overseeing projects in the commercial and insurance industries. He has further managed complex projects in the integration, data security, and infrastructure industries.

Staying ahead of the latest methodologies and technologies, he implements these in the company’s R&D teams. Overseeing some of the company's flagship projects while contributing his business experience and understanding to analyzing complex processes.

I believe in the creative technological thought that we put into all our projects. We think from the client’s perspective and operate on the basis of our rich professional experience. I see our clients as partners, some of whom have become friends over the years. This can only happen when there is complete transparency, fair treatment, professional service, and technological innovation and professionalism