Douglas Adams
“To give real service you must add something which cannot be bought or measured in money,
and that is sincerity and integrity”

Generating value quickly and efficiently, requires our proven methodologies making it possible to launch a product within a short time frame (Agile / Scrum, continuous development, TDD). We tweak these to meet each project and reach the high level of service we are accustomed too. The bottom line is deploying brief cycles of development – sprints, which minimize time to market and create a high level of flexibility, resulting in a high level of client satisfaction.

Each project is personally and individually developed. The length of the stages varies depending on the project, the client, and the schedule, although the project stages can generally be described as follows:



Building schedule

Project management

Agile development of
advanced technologies

Working closely with the customer

QA & Delivery

Support and Maintenance

Additional services

Technology consulting:

CodeOasis’ worldview always placeslaces the client center stagein the center. We provide a holistic solutions to the different technological needs starting from each conceptual design and specification onton, building the concept and product architecture designn, through to choosing the technologies that best fit the project and the client integrating the , development of the product / service, quality testing, all the way throughand up toto its implementation and client satisfaction implementing it at the client.. Upon each projects completionWhen the project is finished comes our, wecontinued continue to help assistance to our clients maintamaintenance of thosein the systems. We develop a quality andn easy to maintain code for them, and continue ouralso offer services and support throughout the life of the product / service. These services meet our clients’ needs after completing the development and delivery stage. We see our clients as partners; , and we are their operational arm. Wwe advise our clients and assist them out of a belief that our mission is the success of their project. Our consulting services enable us to offer help and advice to a single developer, as well as providing more extensive consulting to meet the needs of large and complex organizations. Most of our clients have worked with us on more than one project and they know we are transparent and recommend the most appropriate solutions that create the maximum value for our clients.

Compiling and entering content:

Internet portals and websites require constant and continuous updates. Sites that are not properly and regularly maintained and updated become irrelevant and do not contribute to the image of their respective owners. CodeOasis can compile and enter content for its clients, in the following contexts, among others:
• Information architecture - mapping and planning a website tree including access and navigation
• Writing and editing content according to the messages and language required before going live and as regular maintenance
• Entering content using different content management systems
• Matching site content to search engine optimization

Consulting, Placement, and Outsourcing:

Our clients benefit from our expertise in development and maintenance projects for organizational IT systems, and in consulting services. We can also place experts and professional service providers on-site, upon request.

Development and maintenance of information systems:
Our clients benefit from over ten years of our experience, dozens of clients and hundreds of projects in numerous and diverse fields. Our service includes a comprehensive set of system development and maintenance, both on-site withat the client or remotely, from planning and design to the delivery and maintenance stage. This service has many advantages including quality development while saving substantially on personnel recruitment and training costs, providing excellent service support, and saving on system maintenance costs.

On-site Service:
Some of our clients need the services of technology experts for varying periods of time. CodeOasis provides its clients with access to a wide range of technology specialists, systems analysts, project managers, developersand developers in different environments, software integrators, testers, and more. Through the service, you can employ personnel according to your specific needs and reinforce internal staff if necessary. We promise that our staff will be professional and provide your teams with a supportive environment with an emphasis on quality of service and professionalism.

Infrastructure Services:

Cloud services in Israel: In order to provide our clients with a turnkey solution that complements the company's development services, CodeOasis also provides hosting services on brand servers located in Bezeq International’s server farm in Petach Tikva.
Amazon-based cloud services: Amazon: As a leader in development, we are aware of the importance of the hosting services on which our solutions are installed. Our clients can therefore use and maintain websites and services on Amazon’s excellent cloud-based solutions. These services include: cloud servers, load sharing services, databases, e-mail sending solutions, and more. The services can be managed through the client's account or CodeOasis’ account.
Server Maintenance: CodeOasis can maintain servers owned by the client or servers CodeOasis acquired for him. We keep your server up to date, secure, and stable. Our IT system ensures that the systems are covered with regards to security breaches, and updated with technologies and architectures that improve server performance.
Backup Services: The information on the client’s servers is of critical importance. Hardware failure, system malfunctions, security breaches, and human errors threaten this information at all times. To ensure that information is protected, you should perform full backups of the data. Backup services and information retrieval are part of the overall service package that we offer our clients.
Setting up a server layout: The services we design and develop serve millions of online users, both for continuous and periodic use, such as for marketing campaigns. We plan the optimal server layout for the services the client regularly provides and enable immediate growth if necessary. This service can be conducted on the cloud, in Israel, or at an international location.
Site and server optimization: CodeOasis specializes in site and server optimization. We perform a variety of functions including traffic analysis and access to the server, identifying bottlenecks, making changes and adjustments to servers and applications in order to accelerate server performance for the end users.
Survivability and disaster recovery: Based on our cumulative experience, we have developed disaster survivability procedures. Our IT and development teams work in tandem to get the service live as quickly as possible. This includes a number of steps, such as specifying the problem, restoring data from the malfunctioning environment, setting up a new parallel environment, adapting the environment to the service, and integrating the restored information with the backed up information.
Server monitoring: To keep the service available to users, we monitor on several levels: server availability, server resources, application activity, load alerts, resources, and non-responsiveness from the server.