We also ask, why not?  If you can dream it, we can develop it for you

Over the past decade, we have developed dozens of IT systems, operational systems, applications and websites, including complex interfaces for different organizational systems. We are always abreast of new technologies, practices, and advanced products. Our vast knowledge base and extensive experience enables us to offer our clients the most effective and suitable solutions, dbase on tried and tested infrastructure and software solutions. We are wizards in Open Source systems, professionals in .net, and experts in integration with organizational systems.
CodeOasis offers a range of software solutions with special emphasis on the following:

Information Systems and Integration

Most medium and large organizations now have ERP, CRM and other large and complex systems, which require high administrative inputs and specific technological know-how, creating a burden on the organization’s computing departments.

CodeOasis offers clients specific integration services that we use to design and build interfaces that enhance and optimize the operation and IT environments. To make the systems accessible, we usually use SOA (Service Oriented Architecture), which saves time and development costs, reduces maintenance costs, and the implementation improves the quality of service. In recent years, we developed integration systems for leading companies like Psagot, WIX, SuperPharm, and others.

Content management systems and portals

CodeOasis has been developing content sites and portals for over a decade. Our clients include top companies, such as Strauss, Electra Consumer Products, and other clients from different sectors. Our solutions are based on a broad and professional range of technologies (Microsoft, Open Source), which allows us to adapt the optimal platform and technological environment to each of our clients and projects. The content management systems and portals are usually integrated and interfaced with additional organizational solutions to create a holistic solution that matches the organization’s needs and goals.

eCommerce systems

Local and international research studies show that eCommerce is growing significantly in all sectors and markets without exception. The dramatic change in consumer habits stems, among other things, from the increase in the number of hours we spend online and the availability of infrastructure and access – PCs, smartphones, tablets, phablets, and more. The eCommerce growth trend affects costs and marketing efforts and creates a clear need for current, flexible, and user-friendly systems. Through eCommerce systems, the client encounters brand names in different places, and therefore the systems must be current, flexible, and user-friendly.

CodeOasis has abundant expertise in establishing eCommerce systems, as we have done for Eldan and SodaStream. Offering our clients a variety of tools and turnkey solutions, including managing users, clients, and other permissions.

Mobile applications

The mobile world has become a leading media in recent years. We spend more and more time with our smartphones than ever before and are consuming numerous services through it. CodeOasis specializes in advanced mobile developments for those who want to make products and services accessible through this media. The work process includes a detailed specification of needs and requirements, target audience segmentation, and the required ROI. CodeOasis assists the client from the concept formulation stage, through the design concept, development stages, testing, and going live. We stay current with a variety of tools, products, and technologies, and develop applications compatible with all major operating systems (iOS, Android, Windows phone) as well as the hybrid area applying to the majority of manufacturers (PhoneGap).

Applications for self-service stations and desktop

In order to streamline, many organizations want to minimize the face to face service resources provided to the customer, without damaging the quality of service. Automated systems dramatically reduce the costs associated with the service and enables customers to access various services at a time and place of their choosing. Some of the services that we developed include – online appointment scheduling service for Maccabi HMO, a smart shopping cart for SuperPharm, which enables purchasing without having to go through a cashier, and more.

CodeOasis has the skills and knowledge to enable integration with various systems (including RFID), displaying an interface in different formats for the client and the system’s operations people, user management and permissions system, and more.

Clearing Systems (PCI standard)

CodeOasis has developed clearing solutions for Taldor, a clearing solution for conversion terminals that connect to the central system that was developed especially vis-à-vis Automated Banking Services (ABS). The system includes full support for information security standards, including PCI.